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They cannot take over our country, but they wear away our land; they gradually gnaw at our land.In the long run their attempt is to downsize our territory - from an eagle nest to that of a sparrow.

I want to say this as a testament for our future generations ... The past is the root of the future, the deeper roots go, the stronger and higher plants will grow.

" KING TRAN NHAN TON (1279-1293) " An inch of the mountain, or an inch of the river is our land that cannot be wasted.

You must contend with them to prevent them from wearing away our land.

If they don't listen to us, you can have an envoy come to the North to settle the matter diplomatically.

PHAM TRAN ANH VIET NAM MY FATHERLAND VIET NAM MY COUNTRY 3 A time within memory of our nation 's first founders, the history of thousands of years with a civilization, heroes and their victories, a belief that all Vietnamese were born by the only mother initially, the utmost familiar name "The Vietnamese Peoples " which is heartily felt and sounded very Vietnamese.

PHAM TRAN ANH PHAM TRAN ANH 4 The South nation resides the Southern people This fate is written in "the book of heaven " By none reason you invade this soil As said you will suffer a vanquishable destruction!

Translated by Pham Tran Anh VIET NAM MY COUNTRY 5 THE IMMORTAL WORDS!"You shouldn't forget it is a big country that would do bad and immoral things.It gives itself the right to say one thing and act differently.Therefore, the forever threats we must be aware of are from the Chinese.We shouldn 't belittle a tiny thing like a mole that occurs along our borderlands, for such a mole, without our timely intervention, will eventually become a mountain.The Chinese never abide to the agreed boundaries; they always put about excuses leading to dispute.

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