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You never know when and where you’ll find true love.

“Stacey and I began dating about 5 years ago after an introduction that started with us meeting at Anytime Fitness.

I had a desire to get in better shape and was seeking a gym atmosphere that was small and where I wouldn’t run the risk of trying to get picked up by random guys.

Little did I know that this decision would lead to me meeting my husband.”“When joining the gym, I asked to be assigned a personal trainer and was asked if I had a preference for a male or female trainer.

Since I was not there to meet a man, I simply said that I did not have a preference for a male or female trainer and was ultimately assigned Mr. Stacey now recalls that he noticed the first day I walked in the gym, still dressed in a pink dress (what I wore to work that day) simply seeking my membership.

Unfortunately, I do not recall seeing him that day.”“From our first training session at the gym together, he swept me off my feet – what I mean by that is he literally almost had me passed out on the floor because his fitness training session was so intense.

He is an amazing trainer and the harder he pushed, the harder I worked, too embarrassed to tell him that I was barely able to get through the workout, however, by the end of the work-out I almost passed out on the floor and had to sit down and put my head down on a table to compose myself.

I recall him slyly asking during this time, “do I need to call your husband to come and get you?”“Although, I believe it was simply his attempt to try to find out if I was married or not, he says he was simply showing his concern.We worked for several months together, 3 times a week, before I finally agreed to go out with him.Our date consisted of dinner and “Jumping the Broom” movie (how appropriate and telling for the future), although, our first unofficial date was at church, Second Baptist Church in Aiken.During the time when I was still trying to decide if I was going to go out with him, he remarked, what if I simply showed up at your church one , you wouldn’t stop me from sitting beside you in church, would you?Of course, I said I would not and that became our first unofficial date.”“Our Christian faith has very much been the foundation for our relationship and was certainly a huge part of what drew me to him – a man of God.

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