Deangelo interview with dating gurus

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58 different interviews with dating gurus all in mp3 format.All the interviews listed in the pdf from this link are included.

If you already have most of those just download the ones you still need: 26 Adam Armstrong Alex Alex Benzer Ben Brad P Brent Brian Carlos Xuma Chet Cliff Craig David M David Shade David Wygant David X Doc Dr.This is all the intervies released by David Deangelo.Alex Ben CD1 Ben CD2 Brent Chet Dave M David Shade David X Dr.Paul Greg Marie CD1 Marie CD2 Mike Patty Richard Sam Stephen CD1 Stephen CD2 Swingcat Tari Tyler CD1 Tyler CD2 Will_Daddy Brian Carlos Xuma Craig Doc Drew Katherine Scott Laura Moore Mystery Payton Kane Robert Ross Jeffries Style This is my first upload so i am not sure if it is going to be a problem to have all the interviews considered to be a SINGLE product. As heavily requested this is the May edition of Mike Patrick's interview with David D. Why it was missing for so many months I do not know.I was thinking of canceling my order seeing as the interviews have gone down in quality.

However if you enjoy listening to these and would like me to keep uploading them here on T. I will upload this months interview real soon as well. Some people had trouble playing the interview on their media players so I re-uploaded it.

Many men out there are looking for dating tips from many different sources, not just David Deangelo of Double Your Dating.

Well, David De Angelo has an INCREDIBLE solution to this problem.

Instead of searching the internet day in and day out for dating tips from different dating gurus, he has a one click way for you to get the information you are looking for when it comes to meeting and approaching any woman.

The Interviews With Dating Gurus series by David Deangelo is the answer to your dating dilemma.

In his amazing monthly interview series, David D interviews a different dating guru each and every month, including guys (and some female gurus as well!