Death note dating sim poisoned

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Death note dating sim poisoned - australia dating in site

WARNING: YAOI INSIDEthis thread is for the free downloadable sim

Slowly, you become obsessed with near, and what you say and think will determine wether mello continues on that path, or stays as distant as ever So on goes the story, and you will change the outcome and plot based on the desicions you make and the interactions you have with Roger, Linda, Matt(who gets a scenario in which you fall in love with him), and of course Near.

there are six possible endings, punishment, unreachable, games,the puzzle, loyal dog, and forever, and if you beat them all, you unlock a bunch of fan art by the creator of the game, Akane WARNING: SEXUAL CONTENT, LANGUAGE, AND VIOLENCE, SO DON' T PLAY IF YOUR UNDER 16!!!!!!!! )eh...wanted to make that clear to any block heads ok, so ther was the info on the game, now I want you guyses opinion, played the game?

I'll draw a design of your choice, and print it on badges and stickers! I just wanted to wish you all a merry (insert holiday here), and thank all my new watchers You have no idea how much it means to me, guys! Not because I've neglected d A, I still prefer it over Tumblr, but because I've mostly drawn sketchy stuff this year, and my Tumblr IS my sketchblog.

I haven't been posting a lot on d A, but my tumblr has been very active.

my arm and wrist haven't let me improve as much as I wanted to, but all in all, I'm satisfied.

Here's the link, if you're interested: well, I don't have much to say! 8) I mostly wished for comicbooks, so that's what I'm expecting, haha.

Also, check out the sweet new icons me and my bff (WHO JUST EXTENDED MY SUBSCRIPTION, thank you jerkface COMIC THOUGHTSThis is very relevant if you're interested in the comic I've been posting concept-art for. It's time to inform you guys of some of the comic-related stuff that's going on in my head. I'm sorry about the wall of text, if anyone actually reads it, I'm.. My comic I recently read the following quote (I've read it a thousand times before, but this time, it actually felt relevant to me. It was worded differently, but whatever, you'll get the gist of it): "a finished 10-page comic is better than a 200-page abandoned one." When I read it, I realized what I'm actually doing. I'm planning yet another long-running comic, even though the hardest years school-wise are coming up after the summer break, and even though my arm, wrist and hand aren't fit for drawing at all. I think I've always just thought that having a webcomic was the THING, the way to go.