Designer file not updating visual studio 2016

25-Apr-2015 21:06 by 7 Comments

Designer file not updating visual studio 2016

Hi Ves, Thanks for your response, though you suggestion did not address my problem. I've moved the design folder as stated but anytime I select XAML code related to a Telerik Chart the designer throws the stack trace. I've downloaded it and copied the directories over my existing installation but the message still arrives each day.

designer file not updating visual studio 2016-64

Here is a temporary workaround that you may use while we investigate the issue -- you can remove the Hi Alex, You will not be able to load the design time galleries for the chart. The chart will still work as expected both design-time and runtime.

Hi Alex, Just an additional question -- do you have VS 2012 installed or is it a machine with VS 2013 only?

Thanks Mel folder, you need to kill the VS designer process.

You can open the task manager and search for "Microsoft Visual Studio XAML UI Designer (32 bit)" and kill it.

As for the repeating notifications, I am afraid this is a glitch on our side.

You can temporarily disable these notifications as described in VS Extensions Options help topic.

Best regards, Ves Telerik Do you want to have your say when we set our development plans?Do you want to know when a feature you care about is added or when a bug fixed?Raise your hand if this has happened to you (i know it has to me a LOT of times recently): You’re working on a Web Application Project (WAP) page in markup and you paste in some code from another page.All of a sudden you notice that the page’s generated control definitions (in the .file) no longer update.You create new controls in markup or the designer and – they don’t show up in your code.Even though you know the control is defined on the page you’re in red squiggly hell: So now comes the dance: You’re trying to open the markup editor, make some changes. Open the designer, move something, compile try again… The problem here is that the designer file doesn’t get re-generated if you have some sort of layout error in the page.

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