Devon werkheiser and christian serratos dating

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Devon werkheiser and christian serratos dating

She is a volleyball player and has set the most school records, including one for the most school records. She is also usually the one Ned and Cookie come to for favors.

In "Double Dating and The Last of Day of School," she kisses Ned at a dance, and it is hinted at that they are in love. He is a cyber nerd and he often uses his knowledge with technology to help himself and his friends.

He has a motherboard in his locker, his pants double as a printer, and his glasses are a computer display.

Even though he didn't like her in the first and second season (she had a nasal issue), he falls for Lisa Zemo after she has a complete makeover in season 3. Gordon "Gordy" (Daran Norris) is the 40-year-old janitor at Polk who never does his job, although the school is normally not visibly dirty.

In some episodes in the 3rd season, he tries to get her to go out for pizza with him, which never works because she has lots of guys to date until the last episode, when he finally gets to take Lisa out on a date. He is obsessed with capturing a weasel that lives in the school, and frequently helps Ned, Cookie, and Moze with crazy activities.

Ned Bigby (Devon Werkheiser) is the main protagonist of the series, who created his school survival guide after being embarrassed when accidentally walking into the girls' bathroom in kindergarten.

He often gets into trouble with his friends Moze and Cookie. Most of the time he scores below average in school (although he's perfectly capable of getting straight A's when he works seriously) and tries to find the easiest way (not necessarily the right or logical way) to solve any personal problem.

Because of this, his plans sometimes backfire, but it teaches him lessons that he includes in the guide.Since he was eight years old, his dream girl has been Suzie Crabgrass, but in the series finale Moze and Ned end up dating.He usually turns to Gordy, the school's janitor, for advice. Jennifer Mosely (Lindsey Shaw) is Ned and Cookie's best friend.Jennifer goes by the name of "Moze," because Ned called her that in first grade to avoid confusion with the other three "Jennifers" in the class.In the first season, a recurring theme is her trying to break away from Ned and Cookie in the hope of finding a girl to be friends with.Eventually, she became best friends with her former enemy, Suzie Crabgrass.