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A common misconception is that getting a quote from several professionals from each category within the industry, equals a budget. Here are the first 3 steps you want to take when you look at bringing your families together to commit to a lifelong of happiness.Whether or not parents are splitting the bill, or if you are paying for the day yourselves, a budget is the easiest thing to overlook by jumping right into getting quotes.

So many brides call in and their first statement is ” I want to get some information about pricing…” Our first question is ALWAYS “What date are you looking at.” Price can be irrelevant if a vendor doesn’t even have a date open.You may have a special date in mind, like an anniversary from the time you shared your first sno-cone together, or you may want to share an anniversary date with your grandparents who will celebrate 50 years together on your special day.Without a date, some vendors may not even be able to give you a quote at all.In reference to setting the date, it is technically impossible to set a date without a venue.Your first step on the wedding checklist should always be location.Many of your other vendor choices and pricing will be dependent the location.

Check out local website locators of The to find tentative venues in the area and know that some have ceremony sites on location, where others do not.

This will be vital to shopping around for other vendors, and most venues have a preferred vendor lists for a reason.

You may find a dramatic difference in pricing for a Saturday vs.

that of a Friday or Sunday, and some venues include several vendors with their exclusive packages.

Budget, Date and Venue, are three of the most critical choices you will make in planning your big day.

Here are some other resources to helping with the earlier portion of the planning process.

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