Dreamweaver cs4 template not updating pages

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Dreamweaver cs4 template not updating pages

At the end of the process, your website will be fully converted to Dreamweaver, with just the same look and functionalities as before - and your Front Page "shared borders" will be made into a Dreamweaver template.

Before you do anything, save a copy of your website onto your disk: you never know, you may make some bad errors in the process that can't be easily recovered, and you may need to recover your website to start the process over.Furthermore, it is a good idea to make a safety copy after each major successful step of the process...it may save you a lot of time in case of irreversible error.Here are the detailed, step by step instructions for converting fast a Front Page website with borders into a Dreamweaver (version 8) website with templates.Customer technical info: Account setup - GANDI info - Outlook configuration - Webmail - Dream Weaver setup - Custom 404 page Email address crypting - Convert Front Page to Dreamweaver Converting a website from Front Page to Dreamweaver can be reasonably fast and easy if you follow our recommendations - and our step-by-step instructions.When saving a file, Front Page automatically converts most of its "Webbots", such as "link bars", "page banners" and "shared borders", into regular HTML code.

So these pages contain the full HTML code - unlike when you edit them with Front Page - and can readily be edited with Dreamweaver.

However, you may want to converts your Front Page borders into a Dreamweaver Template — and we strongly recommend it!

But Dreamweaver 8 does not have a command for installing a template into all pages of a website - and installing a template page by page would be a long and tedious operation, especially for a large website.

The good news it that it is possible to add into all webpages the specific HTML tags which will fool Dreamweaver into believing that a template is already installed - subsequently, updating the template will automatically update all webpages.

Adding these specific HTML tags is a rather tricky procedure.

But it can be done quite fast sitewide, whatever the size of the website. Even if you are an expert, this procedure may seem complex or obscure: don't worry, just apply it blindly, it works!