Dress up dating games for kids

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Dress up dating games for kids

Free games for kids are all over the internet – and usually those aimed at girls are about dressing up, boys and dating.

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Immediately after playing one free game, Dream Date Dress Up, primary school children aged eight and nine expressed a more pronounced desire for a slimmer figure.The game, hosted on the website, challenges girls to memorise their date’s ‘dream girl’ and then dress up a model to replicate it.If the player does not dress up to look enough like the date’s ‘dream girl’, they lose the level and get a look of disgust from the boy they’re trying to impress. ) In the study, a group of 40 eight and nine-year-olds from south-west England played Dream Date Dress Up, while another 40 played Penguin Diner – another game on that is not based appearance.The kids were then asked to select the silhouette of a body shape which they thought most closely matched their own, and the one most desirable to them.Both groups of children preferred a slimmer figure – but those who had played Dream Date Dress Up registered a ‘significantly’ greater preference for a thinner body than those who had played Penguin Diner.Dr Amy Slater, a senior research fellow at the University of West London, said the findings were concerning.

‘This is concerning because we know that girls who have body dissatisfaction at a young age are more likely to experience ongoing concerns when they grow up,’ she said.

‘Body dissatisfaction is known to be a risk factor for lowered self-esteem, disordered eating and depression.

‘A game like that is sending a fairly blatant message for young girls that they need to change their appearance in order to be appealing to a boy, and that you need to focus on your appearance to be attractive to the opposite sex.

‘Young girls of six, seven, eight, nine and 10 are the target audience for this game.

Do they need to even be thinking about how they would prepare to go on a date, and how they can make themselves look cute?

’ According to Ofcom research from 2014, websites like that host a large number of mini games are becoming increasingly popular with kids.

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