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Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story FAQ Author : Marian Plum Version : 1.25 *This guide is for Game FAQs only. - Guys' Thoughts - Type of person he like - When his heart beat faster - Being Girlish - Unrequited Love (OMG! - Kiss - Skinship - Friendship between guys and girls ******************************************************************************* Tokimeki Panel [TMP] ******************************************************************************* You can access to Tokimeki Panel by calling Miyo on weekends or holidays. In this page you can see the guys' and girls' affections toward you. It will make his affection rise even you don't date him. There will be a bomb next to his face on the left screen.******************************************************************************* Updates ******************************************************************************* Version 0.55 - Parameters section updated - Kasuga Taiyou updated - Aizawa Shugo added - Oosako Chikara added Version 0.60 - Oosako Chikara updated - Taira Kenta added - Ugajin Miyo added - Hanatsubaki Karen added - Other Characters section added Version 0.90 - CG Events section added - Endings section added - Mini-games section added - Tips section added Version 0.95 - Taira Kenta updated - Tamao & Seiji CG Events updated - Taira Kenta CG Events updated - Miyo CG Events updated - Karen CG Events updated - Minor mistakes correction Version 1.00 - 3P Mode updated - Pride VS Pride updated - Girl Ending 2 correction - Spell/Grammar checked Version 1.05 - Niina Junpei CG correction - Tips correction - Girl Ending 2 correction - Girl Ending 3 correction Version 1.10 - Future Aspiration section added - After the Date updated - Confession Ending 1 correction - Confession Ending 2 correction Version 1.15 - ADV Events section added Version 1.20 - Konno Tamao ADV Events added - Shitara Seiji ADV Events added - Rose Queen Requirements updated - Shitara Seiji ADV Events correction Version 1.25 - 3P Mode updated - Titles section added - Fashion updated - Niina Junpei CG Events correction - Sakurari Ruka CG Events correction - Fujiyama Arashi updated - Shitara Seiji CG Events correction ******************************************************************************* Contents ******************************************************************************* Introduction [INT] Menu [MEN] Getting Started [GST] Prologue [PRL] Basic Gameplay - Configuration [CFG] - Parameters [PRM] - Commands [CMD] - Part Time Jobs [PTJ] - Fashion [FSH] - Shopping [SHP] - Fixed Events [FEV] - After Schools [ATS] - Tokimeki Panel [TMP] Dating - Preparation [PPR] - Date Spots [DSP] - Get Dressed [GDR] - Date Disturbers [DDT] - During the Date [DTD] - After the Date [ATD] - Skinship [SKS] - Best Friend Mode [BFM] - 3P Mode [3PM] - Pride Vs Pride [PVP] - Friends [FRD] Guys - Sakurai Ruka [SKR] - Sakurai Kouichi [SKK] - Fujiyama Arashi [FJA] - Niina Junpei [NIJ] - Konno Tamao [KNT] - Shitara Seiji [STS] - Kasuga Taiyou [KST] - Aizawa Shugo [AZS] - Oosako Chikara [OSC] - Taira Kenta [TKT] Girls - Ugajin Miyo [UGM] - Hanatsubaki Karen [HNK] Other Characters [OCH] CG Events - Sakurai Ruka [CSR] - Sakurai Kouichi [CSK] - Ruka & Kouichi [CRK] - Fujiyama Arashi [CFA] - Niina Junpei [CNJ] - Arashi & Junpei [CAJ] - Konno Tamao [CKT] - Shitara Seiji [CSS] - Tamao & Seiji [CTS] - Kasuga Taiyou [CKY] - Aizawa Shugo [CAS] - Oosako Chikara [COC] - Taira Kenta [CTK] - Ugajin Miyo [CUM] - Hanatsubaki Karen [CHK] ADV Events - Sakurai Ruka [ESR] - Sakurai Kouichi [ESK] - Fujiyama Arashi [EFA] - Niina Junpei [ENJ] - Konno Tamao [EKT] - Shitara Seiji [ESS] Endings [END] Future Aspiration [FAP] Titles [TTL] Mini-games [MNG] Tips [TPS] Credit [CRD] Contact [COT] ******************************************************************************* Introduction [INT] ******************************************************************************* Hello, everyone! Plus, neither English or Japanese is my native language. Tokimeki Memorial Girl's side 3rd Story, in short TMGS3, is a dating simulation game. If a guy bombs you, Miyo will call and tell you so there's no need to check that often. In TMGS3, you won't get any bombs from the guys you never date on that playthrough.

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In this sequel, you enroll in Habataki Highschool (same as TMGS1). Even one date can make them bomb you later if you neglect them for too long. XD As you might have already known, in TMGS3, you can have a three persons relationship.

It's already been 7 years since TMGS1, but of course some certain teachers are still there. :) ******************************************************************************* Menu [MEN] ******************************************************************************* When you start the game, there will be 4 options - New Game - Continue - Option - Bonus New Game = You start a new game Continue = Load your saved data Option - Speed of message (normal/fast/skip) Speed of command (normal/fast/skip) Tutorial (show/don't show) - Voice BGM Sound Effect - Mini-game (normal/upside down) - Background Color - Picture in the frame on your desk in your bedroom (You will get more when you obtain certain CGs or clear the guys' endings.) - Restore default settings - Return to menu Bonus - Mini-game = You get to play mini-game that you have played at least once in your playthrough. You can also view the current condition of your 3P relationship here. You shouldn't choose the day that you have club activity or the day that he has part time job. It's a good idea to choose the place he likes, if you want to raise his affection quickly.

:) I will do my best to guide you through this game. (rolling the ball/three legs race/ball fight/cooking chocolate/pillow fight) - Album = You watch your obtained CG here. If you're aiming for the 3P endings, your objective is to make them get closer to each other and to you. If you cannot read Japanese, you can tell whether he decides to go with you or not by looking at heroine's dialogue.

If there are any mistakes, please feel free to correct me. :) Also, any additional information or tips will be appreciated. XD If you have any questions, feel free to contact me as well. It will be voiced if you complete that person's ending. To do this, you need to go on the 3P dates, but no 2P dates. If she repeat the date and the date spot, that means he accept.

(not the 3P ones) - ADV events = You get to peek into the guy's thoughts and memories. Going on a 2P date will make the other guy move away from you two. If the guy is above : D, he will start asking you out. Unless you want to lower his affection since this is by far the most effective way of lowering it.

They are obtained when you met certain conditions in your playthrough, and are not fully voiced. - Tutorial = Skinship tutorial with Oosako-sensei - Return to menu Also you will notice that when you run the game, Ruka will greet you. The sea and the street, They are the same as when I was young, when I lived here. On the other hand, if you want to activate Pride Vs Pride mode, you need to go on 2P dates with one guy a lot. If he reach the white line at the side, he will get in danger condition. :) Also it's a common sense that you shouldn't ask him to date you at the same place twice in a row, or wear the same clothes as last time. XD ******************************************************************************* Date Spots [DSP] ******************************************************************************* Here's the list of date spot you can choose from.

He says different things at different times of the day. Then you activate it by triggering the required event. XD You should buy the clothes in the style or color that he likes, the ones that are currently popular (according to GORO & Himeko colum), or even the ones that match his clothes. Some of them are only available on certain date or period.So enjoy XD If you have cleared the game at least once, the person who greets you will be the latest person you end up with. :) ******************************************************************************* Getting Started [GST] ******************************************************************************* When you choose New Game, you will have to fill in the information about yourself. You can activate PVP mode from June of the third year onwards. I will also tell you the meeting place for each part of the town.Lastname Firstname Birthday (month/date) Star Sign (automatic due to your birthday) Blood group (effect your horoscope) Your room (effect your initial parameters) How to pronounce your name (It's quite limited. If you're in PVP mode, you can check both of the guys' pride condition here, too. If you have two or more dates coming up, you will be ask where the meeting place this time is.If it's too complicated, the game will shorten it.) The room you choose will effect your initial parameters as following. The best friend mode from the previous game is still here. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Dating ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ******************************************************************************* Preparation [PPR] ******************************************************************************* To get the guys' ending, you have to go on a lot of dates with them. Habataki Mountain (Bus stop) Zoo - normal - Wan Nyan House (Open 1st April 2nd year) - Alpaca Ranch (Open 1st April 3rd year) You can touch Alpaca at the background in skinship mode after you choose your dialogue. lol Habataki Mountain - Ski (20th December to the end of February) - Autumn Leaves (15th October to 15th November) Amusement Park - Roller Coaster - Ferris Wheel - Go-kart - Merry Go Round - Haunted House (1st July to 31st August) - Night Parade (1st August to 31st August) You will have an option to stay and view the night parade at the end of the date. XD Habataki Castle - Exhibition Corner - Heaven Guard Pavilion Pasture (Open 1st November 1st year) Downtown District (Station Square) Live House Bowling Alley - Bowling - Darts (Open 1st April 2nd year) Game Center Karaoke BOX Cinema - The movies they show change every season.Intelligence Arts Fitness Social Style Charm first 60 45 35 30 40 50 second 40 60 35 30 50 45 third 35 50 40 30 60 45 fourth 40 35 60 40 35 50 fifth 45 40 45 50 40 40 sixth 35 40 50 30 45 60 ******************************************************************************* Prologue [PRL] ******************************************************************************* I will do my best to translate it. This section will help you prepare yourself for the dates! (Common School Story, USHIRO Ox Prison, Large Meteorite, Pixy Boushi, Lethal Magician 2, HEAVY METAL COBRA, White Town, Season of Hug, Red Tracer 7000, Chelsea's Troubles, Drifted Ice Story - Lost Young Seal, Great Wizard) Mall - Shopping Forest Park (Park Entrance) Forest Park - Forest Park (Spring, Autumn, Winter) - Flower viewing (15th March to 15th April not on 1st year) - Fountain (Summer) Heated Pool Skate Rink (20th December to the end of February) Botanical Garden Museum - Normal - Vintage Bike Exhibition (1st September to 31th December of 1st year) - Jewelry Exhibition (1st January to 30th April of 2nd year) - Impressionist Paintings (1st May to 31st August of 2nd year) - Primary Colors Exhibition (1st September to 31st December of 2nd year) Park Street - Shopping Free Market (Last Sunday at the end of every season) Waterfront District (Habataki Station) Seaside Park - Brick Road - Sightseeing Boat (Open 1st December 1st year) - Wharf (Open 1st January 2nd year) - ring the bell - don't ring the bell Aquarium - Normal - Dolphin Show (Open 1st June 2nd year) - Water Tunnel (Open 1st June 3rd year) Event Hall - KCH Symphony (April, October) - Pixy Bose (May, November) - Habataki Rockfesta (July) - Comedy Giant (August, December) - Cirque de Ryun (September, March) - TRAN-SPARK (February) Planetarium (Open 1st January 1st year) Sea - Swimming (20th July to 31st August) - Blue Grotto (20th July to 31st August) - Beach Walk (1st December to the end of February) Fireworks (1st August of every year) Shopping Mall - Shopping - Food Court (Open 1st September 2nd year) Other Places - Guy's room (He's the one who ask you out if he like you enough.) You can touch the background during skinship to navigate his room. With those ivy and weeds, I don't really know.) ??? For Miyo and Karen, there are extra topics as well. If you're on best friend mode, your conversation topic with your best friend will also change. If you've done enough skinship with the guy, he will have a crown on his head.