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Henry Daniel Mills, also known as Truest Believer and the Author, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time.

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He is put up for adoption again in Boston, where Regina adopts him, and she names him Henry after her father.

Upon bringing him back to Storybrooke with her, Regina finds Henry is very fussy and difficult to calm down.

She attempts to tell him a bedtime story, but he suddenly vomits on her shirt. Whale at the hospital proves Henry is healthy, but he suggests looking into the birth parents' medical records for genetic diseases.

While Regina talks with Sidney on the phone about looking up the information, she hands her son to a hospital volunteer, Mary Margaret, who instinctively begins rocking and soothing him.

Stunned that Henry has finally quieted down, she takes him back into her own arms, to which he starts to cry again, leading her to believe there is something wrong with her as a mother.

When Regina, at last, manages to help Henry relax, she learns from Sidney about her child's birth mother, who was abandoned in the woods eighteen years ago, causing her to suspect this is the grown-up savior of the curse. Gold was the one who procured Henry for her, Regina confronts him about orchestrating everything, but he chalks up her erratic behavior to being a full-time mom.

She return Henry to Boston, where he will be given to the next potential family.

As Regina says goodbye to him, she realizes that she loves Henry, despite who his birth mother is, and decides to keep him.

In fear that the savior will come to reclaim Henry one day, Regina decides to erase her own knowledge of Henry's birth mother.

While Henry is resting in a crib, she brings him to her vault.

She tells him a story of a queen and her prince as she makes and then drinks a potion to help herself forget about his birth mother. Henry is also frustrated by the sameness in town, and believes he doesn't belong.

At ten years old, Henry feels unloved by Regina, and is further saddened by the fact his birth mother gave him up. To cheer Henry up, she gives him a fairytale storybook, and explains the stories in it are a reminder that his life will get better if he just holds onto hope. Henry becomes rebellious towards Regina and begins having therapy sessions with Archie.