Examples of good dating ads

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After defining the standard values that might help define a web design as “bad”, we proceeded looking for the main sources to gather the needed information.

The reason why we opted for checking the main web rankings is because well, it’s understandable that your Kansas’ auntie owns an ugly website, because probably some guy at the town helped her out by putting everything in Publisher and using pure Papyrus and a yellow background.

It’s also an innocent sin find some high school kid releasing his personal site made in Flash and oversaturated of animations and GIF elements.

So the judgment that we’re taking on this article is against the major websites, those that have reached major audiences and/or posses the money facility to develop a fancy and elegant website, but instead, what we see is that they’ve got trapped in the past with poor designs, bad typeface management and doubtful color palettes, which only exposes the fact that they’d rather spend thousands of dollars on new curtains than on the revamping of their websites.

Now it’s time to begin with the roundup, we’re about to list some of the worst web designs (we apologize for any further eye damages) of major companies, social networks, blogs and similar, we will explain the main flaws in each design and how to make them look less Ugly Betty, along with a similar site that has an actually good design so you can make a comparison and see who’s messing things up when it comes to design. For our first nominee we have selected Internet Archive, please come upstairs to receive your award.

After more than 10 years of its foundation, the site has become one of the most helpful internet databases around.

Gathering thousands of images, sounds and text references, this site has been helping students, teachers and researches for more than a decade (damn now we see why the library was getting lonelier lately).

The thing with Internet Archive is that its design got caught in the nineties, with the classic blue underlined links that every dummy was able to implement, lots of rounded square boxes, a boring alignment with everything placed towards the left and a cliché sepia palette taken from the basic MS Paint color box.So what can we do to make this site look less uglier?, let’s start by hiding the blue underlined style of the links, that was cool 10 years ago when Doctor Drake Ramoray was still hot, but not anymore, instead of that you can: Secondly, the rounded square boxes could be a good resource when used properly, but when everything gets boxed inside these elements, the diagramming starts looking heavy and boring, this is a mistake that many amateur designers commit because they’re so chickened out that they prefer to play it safe.As for the alignment, it’s better to vary once in a while, leaving some texts centered, others aligned to the right, remember to make a proper use of kerning and tracking and just be more risky in the process. During the nineties, many sites where made in Times New Roman, Arial or Comic Sans, well the truth is that they were not many available fonts and at the end the decision was between these 3 famous fonts or Courier New and Bank Gothic.We have nothing against these typefaces, but it’s time to make a change, there are even software that let you design your own fonts, but if that’s to much for you to think about, then navigate across the internet to find some pretty cool fonts.We suggest you to take a look at Dafont and the Google Font Directory to get really inspired.

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