Flirty sex chat site

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Flirty sex chat site

Phone sex operator jobs are great for stay at home moms looking for full or part time employment.

You know that feeling you get when you have to wake up early in the morning to beat rush hour traffic, but only to get stuck in it?

Well adult phone entertainers do not have that problem.

Phone entertainers take incoming calls from their cell phone or landline from their bed, couch or even at the grocery store.

As a PSO, your job consists of two things: Keeping the call going for as long as possible and getting the caller to cum.

As an adult phone entertainer, your phone calls will of course be sexually explicit more often than not.

With that said, your job role will consist of taking on fantasy characters that the caller finds sexually enticing, and keep up the "" as long as possible.

Each phonesex conversation will be very different from the last and no call will ever be boring.Typically, your job will be done for each call when your caller climaxes or "cums" and that will be that.Other times, the phonesex call will end when the callers balance has been depleted.At that time they will be prompted to reload and continue the call or the call will end there.Since phone actresses get paid per minute, the longer the call lasts, the more money she will make.Phone sex earnings vary for each phone operator, but newbie phone entertainers can expect to earn anywhere from $.50 per minute to .99 per minute.