Foreign girls dating english men

18-Jun-2015 12:30 by 5 Comments

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According to my blog's analytics, Foreign Girls Dating in Japan is the most searched term that leads to my blog (well, after "futon"), which is funny as I deliberately never blogged about this.

On one of my first nights in Japan, while training in Nagoya, my friend Mike and I went to a small foreigner-owned bar where we met a Black Francis look-alike (if you need to google this, you seriously need to pick up a few Pixies albums).

Frank Black was a seasoned foreigner, and he had been in Japan for several years, therefore offered us newbies his best piece of wisdom.

To Mike, he said "You'll be getting insane amounts of girls**" (**the actual word was not girls, but a charming p-word), and to me, "You're not going to get any, so you'll come running back to me".

For several months and perhaps years following that encounter, I laughed at how ridiculous his words were, and wanted to prove him wrong- which I did for a while.

Then, as I found myself more single than ever, I started to think he maybe had a point.

I never went running back to Black Francis, but while not being entirely wrong, the guy had a point.

Foreign girls dating in Japan don't always have it easy, but I think many of them make it difficult for themselves.

They only go after foreign males, which is why they're not getting any.

As charming and smart and fun foreign guys are, they're best kept as friends.

And as beautiful, intelligent and interesting we foreign girls are, foreign males are not going to go after us when surrounded in a playground of mini skirt and heels-clad babes. Japanese girls are some of the most beautiful in the world, they take amazing care of themselves and are kind, caring individuals.

In Japan, foreign girls sometimes have a reputation for being loud, noisy, overweight, badly-dressed and not groomed.

While I'm sure some are, most of the foreign girls I know in Japan are the exact opposite and this is usually something that bitter foreign males with a Charisma Man complex say to make themselves feel better.