Forms of dating fossils

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Fossils are thought by many to be the single greatest argument for evolution.For years, school textbooks have presented the fossil evidence as the main focus of evolution theory.

In Darwin's day (the mid-1800s), an abundance of fossil evidence showed that certain types of fossils seemed to be common to certain layers of rock.

Without the fossil evidence, it is doubtful that the theory of evolution would ever have been born. A fossil is some part of a creature or plant that was buried in sediment (or perhaps caught in tar or tree sap) and eventually hardened into rock.

Soft parts decay easily, so often only the hard parts remain, such as bones, teeth, or shells.

Sometimes the entire plant or animal dissolves over time, leaving only its imprint in the rock.

Fossils are the preserved remains of creatures which existed long ago.

Fossils range in age from few thousands of years to hundreds of millions of years.

They come in a variety of sizes, from microscopic traces to large animal skeletons and fossilized trees weighing many tons.

The study of fossils leads to a greater understanding of the Earth's history, extinct life forms and evolution of life.

The video presents scientific evidence of the origin of life on our planet.

It begins with a brief discussion of the age of the Earth and ends with the future of humanity.

It includes geologic, chemical and molecular data to make its case.

THE CASE FOR EVOLUTION Now that we've discussed the foundational matter of origins, let's go on to the subject that most people connect with evolution--fossils.

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