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At the turn of the millennium I was fortunate to interview my heroes - Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding of XTC. Big Express felt very "blue collar" and Skylarking felt very summery, so, in your opinion, what is the vibe of Wasp Star? This album returns more to XTC's roots, specializing in smart pop with bouncy hooks and wickedly clever lyrics.

A true wordsmith and craftsman of fine pop music, Mr. JK: Are you as inseparable away from recording as you are on record? JK: But on holiday and when it's each other's birthdays, you make a point to get together and take care of each other, things like that? We're grown up fellows now so we don't go out on the pool together, or anything like that. There's a kind of a static electricity, that "Ooh, something good's going to happen, something good is happening, I'm feeling good about this". I think it has the best rhythm feel of any album that we've ever done. To me, it's probably the best complete XTC album since Skylarking, and I hope you take that as a compliment. In the Gilmore Girls episode "The Lorelais' First Day At Chilton" (October 12, 2000), Lorelai and Lane freak out to XTC. But I assure you he's sitting in the room and wearing a clockwork kilt. I still find myself entrenched in the middle of it, for all my sins. I've been having religious experiences with the album over the past three or four days. They're cheap swine, they've only got one telephone, so Colin's waving at the moment. AP: Actually, Colin is about five or six miles outside of town. He escaped the maelstrom of apathy that is Swindon.XTC members Andy Partridge (no, he did not grow up travelling to gigs in a school bus with his musical family) and Colin Moulding originally played together in the bands Star Park and Helium Kidz in the mid-'70s before becoming the band XTC.The band was signed to Virgin records in London in the heyday of the punk movement and went on to release 10 albums on that label.XTC had a four year recording hiatus due to a contractual dispute with Virgin.

In 1997, they began to record again with TVT Records and have released a box set and two albums on the new label.Singer-songwriter Andy Partridge once again displays the wicked humor and shiny, happy pop sense that are XTC trademarks. " Partridge boasts with glee as a giddy melody bounces beside him.The pairing generally makes for a knockout combo, and this song's no exception. "There'll be no more pain from broken hearts/And no more lovers to be torn apart/Before you throw me in your dungeon dark/You oughta film me putting statues up in every park." Cold-blooded Partridge may be, but he sure can write a good hook.Jackie Mc Carthy Jackie Mc Carthy is the former music editor of Seattle Weekly, and writes about music and other topics for CMJ New Music Monthly, Seattle Weekly, and Resonance on paper, and CDNow and Wall of Sound on the web.John Lennon's Disjointed Noodlings and Immeasurable Resonance Be advised, they're already out there - the sloshy magazine tributes, the slick and useless TV retrospectives, and one cringe-worthy exhibit of blood-splattered assassination garb for those with enough bank to fly to Cleveland's Rock Hall.But at best, any of the above routes are bound to get you only a whiff of Lennon.