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You can video chat as a group with specific circles in your Google+ or bring in anyone else with an invite.You have to install the Google voice and video plugin.

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The hangout becomes a virtual room and members of your group can join and leave as they please.

You can play games, watch You Tube videos, and share your desktop screens too.

Recently, Google introduced the Google+ Hangouts on Air which allows you to broadcast live to your Google+ circles and You Tube channel.

Do remember that the normal chat in other Google products is slightly different than the Google+ Hangout chat.

Google+ Hangouts brought back the “group” in video chat.

Agreed, there were other group video chat apps before Google+ Hangout, but with Google, it just translates to instant appeal.

It may be a point of argument but group video chats find more applications in business settings. But a tool is what we make of it and group video chat is no different.

From video chat rooms that can be used to touch base with friends and plan our events, to using them as real-time learning tools, uses are many.

What will you use these four free and web based group video chat tools for? () Note: The list talks about – as mentioned in the title – the best free and ‘web based’ group video chat tools, meaning the ones which do not involve installation of software of any kind.

So don’t be surprised if you don’t find tools like Skype in here.

This is the Google service which successfully managed to re-grab the ‘buzz’ (pun intended) and gave Facebook a run for its likes.

Google+ Hangouts is seamlessly integrated with your Google account and enables you to have face to face video chat with up to nine people.