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Madonna making an age appropriate album instead of making us pretend for the millionth year in a row that she’s 21. A woman’s right to do what she wants with her own body? Let that sink in like a long, wet fart from a stranger 5 minutes into your hour long bus commute. It’s not shocking AT ALL anymore when modern pop stars do something “shocking.” You know what would be shocking?

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For real: Is she challenging the patriarchy by showing us her naked body on this album? Rihanna is known for not writing her music, but at least she has the intelligence and will to curate empowering music like “Bitch Better Have My Money” that tears the shit out of the patriarchy.More and more people learn about what rape culture is everyday. And “Good For You” is nothing if not another tired attempt at perpetuating harmful patriarchal ideas, like women only wanting to look good for the male gaze, or that anybody not going to their senior prom is wearing an updo.Which begs the question: Was Selena so hungry for a hit song that she didn’t care about the contents? Is her career managed by 40+ year old men who have total boners for the patriarchy? This is hardly the first time she’s sang a song that is decidedly anti-feminist (no wonder Rihanna passed on “Come and Get It“).It would be one thing if feminism wasn’t being talked about EVERYWHERE.Or if Taylor Swift, arguably the queen of the entire music industry right now, hadn’t ignited conversation about the importance of being a feminist for the past year. But we live in a really special time in mainstream music right now where women are writing and producing their own music more than ever before in a typically male-dominated industry. And it’s about goddamn time to have actual female perspectives via the written word in mainstream music.Or if Britney wasn’t tell all men to “suck my fucking toe.” Or, you know, if THE Beyonce hadn’t performed in front of a GIANT SIGN that literally said FEMINIST on MTV. Taylor Swift, Grimes, Katy Perry, SIA and Lady Gaga, to name a few, all have a heavy hand in writing, composing and producing their own music. It’s one thing if you’re writing your own music about loving the male gaze, or wanting to look good for that Canadian human mop Justin Bieber.

But it is quite another to not even be involved in writing the gross songs that support the patriarchy.Good thing you’re teaching all your young, impressionable, coming-of-age fans that it’s cool to do everything you can to please men sexually. Lorde famously called Selena out in the press for singing anti-feminist songs. There’s no place for this in mainstream music anymore.Popular culture is changing, women in music are more empowered than ever and ain’t nobody got time for that male gaze shit.I get dressed for ME, I wear lipstick for ME and so should YOU, Selena.You, your fans and top 40 radio deserve better than this. Did you know there are fun-seeking, attractive singles all over Valais waiting to meet you? We are one of the internet’s best 100% FREE dating sites, with thousands of quality singles located throughout Valais looking to meet people like YOU. Just Select which city in Valais is closest to you and start browsing!

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