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Fuckingdating - the truth about boys and dating

Realize facts when they hit you, and don’t try to avoid it all by “removing anti’s”. Yeah, what he said might not be the most endearing thing to your ears, but that doesn’t give you the right to be triggered.

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Typically a mother will watch her kittens closely and be very protective of them, here she completely trusts the dog to play gentle with them. Sara Clarke: “I’ve seen some male friends (who are friends! ) saying that they didn’t like Ghostbusters because just plain didn’t enjoy the movie that much/think it was good. This is a movie for every little girl who hasn’t yet internalized that science is for boys.

This is a movie for every woman who is sick of movies about women who struggle to “have it all”.

This is a movie for every girl who wishes she had the nerve to wear a duster and yellow tinted glasses to work.

This is a movie for every woman who isn’t good at femininity, but it’s also a movie for every woman who actually knows how to apply eyeliner and doesn’t give a fuck.

But most of all, this is a movie for women who want just one teensy lil taste of how you guys all get to feel literally every other time you walk into a theater to see another dumb summer action movie.“ Riley Silverman:“This is also for every little girl who no one immediately sees is one, who hasn’t internalized yet the idea that she can’t be a girl and a Ghostbuster, and now maybe never will.

That she can live the life she wants while loving the stuff she loves.” I adored this film, to watch people who are like you (just like you?!? I just sat there thinking “is this how white guys feel every time they watch a film?