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A main talking point here is the volume of people that have trees in the UK and also the fact that they email you a lot with HOT Matches - not all good, but some have been helpful.Worldwide Focus: Genes Reunited does not have world records in any number and are UK focused.

A good site that should be merged to make Genes Reunited a more encompasing site.

But, nevertheless, a helpful site to get you started.

This site does require a seperate voucher scheme although Genes Reunited will probably soon allows their credits to search the 1901 Census.

Ease of Use: Because of the simplicity of the site it is very easy to use.

Thinking about using Genesreunited or just want to learn a little bit more information then continue reading below for the Genesreunited genealogy site review.

Genes Reunited is part of the Friends Reunited network, owned by the ITV network.

Databases: provides a good basic range of core databases making them available to the UK market (Census, Birth, Marriage and Death records and more.) You can in fact sign up to Genesreunited or their other site access all of their Census records but not inlcuding the 1881 Census - A core year that is available else where but would be nice to have included in the site.

The inclusion of the Birth, Marriage and Death records makes it very handy for those persons who are just starting out and a must on the site is their Community section that can really help with questions you might have.

Genesreunited does not have a number of subscriptions like Ancestry and offer a 6 month subscription to their Family Tree and Community pages for £9.95, free access to use their tree functionality, and you have to buy credits to search their core genealogy records - 50 credits for £5 valid for 7 days.

Each record viewed uses a different number of credits but this equates to roughly the same deal as the Ancestry Pay Per Veiw product.

This covers off many of the different kinds of access people need but didn't really have the weight of other well known sites.

Genesreunited's Online Family Tree is a free service that allows you to create, grow and share your family tree quickly and easily on the Internet.