Get over married man dating

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Get over married man dating - congo dating site

Now, the businesses are not doing so well and we are about $500,000 in debt.I should note that most of these loans were without my permission.

I have started working full time and supporting the family and managing our household finances 100%, including payment of about 00/month of his business loans,in my name. I am also now trying to strengthen more relationships, as I realize I will need them.

It has been very stressful, but also sort of empowering. He works at his business about 30 hours per week, watches about 20 hours of TV. 2) He has no other friends other than his siblings, who are also his business partners.

I have figured out how to be very good at what I do, and am being rewarded financially. Thinking back, here are the things that have convinced me he is an N. He is either hungry, tired or has to go to the bathroom. 3) The notion that he is incapable of empathy explains some of the most painful things of my marriage.

I was in the hospital after a horrendous childbirth and he all he could do was complain about how hard it was to take care of our 2 year old.

I am married to a narcissist or "N", or at least someone with very strong narcissistic characteristics.

Now, I realize my father was (is still) an N, and that's why I married one. I recently stumbled on to a book, "Loving the Self-Absorbed", which pretty much describes my life.

The courtship and marriage has had many ups and downs for over 20 years.

I think that when my husband is stressed his N qualities get much worse. My husband was and is very handsome, charming and intelligent.

After only 3 months of dating, I knew that there was something (an emotional connection) that he was just not giving me. The marriage counselors all end up thinking he is so wonderful, that I am the one with the problem.

This created the pattern of me leaving, and him then pursuing me with a passion. We moved away from his family and things were actually pretty good. It is not just the marriage counselors that he has fooled.

We moved back near his family and things really fell apart. Over the years, banks, investors and credit card companies have loaned him millions of dollars. I always let him handle all the finances, because he was so "good" at it.

I was also busy working part-time and raising 2 kids.