Google maps mobile real time updating

05-May-2016 17:52 by 10 Comments

Google maps mobile real time updating

You can share your current location with the people and circles you choose across Google products such as Google+ and Google Now.You can share your pinpoint or city-level location, and you can share different things with different circles.

You can also change who can see your location or turn off Location Sharing at any time.Note: If you don't specify who to share your "Pinpoint Location" or "City Location" with, your location is shared only with you by default.People you choose to share location information with will be able to see your current location on Google products.For example, on your Google+ profile, your location is displayed below your name and profile photo on desktop, Android, and i OS devices.On Android and i OS, people you share with can see your location on a map in the Locations destination in the Google+ app.We left off by building our realtime Android location data broadcaster that detects and streams location data. In this blog post, we’ll be using Pub Nub to create a simple, location sharing and viewing application for Android.

Let’s visualize those location changes on a live-updating map.

In this case, we’ll be using the Google Maps API, however tomorrow we’ll publish this tutorial using the Map Box API.

In addition to visualizing location changes, we’ll also draw a line of previous location.

We’ll cover two broad topics: You’ll need the full source code for this tutorial, as well as our broadcaster and Map Box API tutorial, so click here to download the all the files. Our app will be receiving location data and plotting it on a map.

To receive the data, we will subscribe to a Pub Nub channel. People can enter or leave the room by subscribing or unsubscribing to the channel.

Whenever someone wants to talk in the room, he/she publishes a message which will be heard by anyone subscribed to the channel.