Gridview rowupdating commandargument

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Gridview rowupdating commandargument

namespace that simplify working with the file system.Using these classes it's possible to delete files and folders, to create new files, to edit existing files, and more. NET's suite of Web controls and databinding syntax, make it quite easy to present information about the files on the web server's file system to visitors to your website.

Such file browsers are useful if you let users upload content to the website and need to let them view their uploaded content.

If you have a folder that contains user-accessible content like images, PDF files and Word documents, a file browser offers a quick and easy way for users to see what content is available and to view content of interest.

Back in 2003 I wrote an article titled Displaying the Files in a Directory using a Data Grid that showed how to list the files of a particular folder in a Data Grid Web control. For example, the file browser now lists both files and folders, allowing users to view the files in subfolders.

This dated article still attracts a decent amount of traffic and questions from readers, so much so that I thought it worthwhile to update the content to use the latest technology, namely ASP. Also, I moved the markup and code into a User Control, which simplifies adding the file browser to an ASP. This article walks through this new, updated version; the complete, working code is available for download at the end of this article. Before we get started with examining the guts of the new file browser, let's take a moment to discuss what it is we're trying to accomplish.

An online file browser is a user interface on a web page through which the visitor can explore the contents of a particular directory on the web server's file system.

The directory of interest can be a directory within the web application or a directory outside of the web root.

For instance, if the web server is rooted at the folder , among others.Much like Windows Explorer, the grid displays the name of each file and folder, its type, the date modified, and (for files) its size. On postback, the grid is repopulated with the contents of the selected folder's files and subfolders.When using the file browser to view the contents of a folder outside of the web application root the files are listed as text.When the file browser points to a folder within the web application then the file names are displayed as hyperlinks to the actual file.For example, if the grid to the right was configured to display the contents in the , which would display the PDF file in the user's browser.The file browser I created is implemented as a User Control, which simplifies adding the file browser to an ASP. To add the file browser to a page on your website, start by downloading the complete code at the end of this article.

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