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Washington: On the subject of women in politics, Hillary Clinton is fond of quoting the words of another illustrious first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, who once said: "You need to grow a skin as thick as a rhinoceros."When out on the stump, in cafes, churches and rallies across the country, Clinton tells a thousand tales of the adversity she has faced down over the course of four decades in public life."I have the scars to prove it," quips the 68-year-old, painted by her many enemies as "crooked," "corrupt" -- even an enabler of her husband's affairs -- as the Republican attacks flew thick and fast throughout the 2016 White House campaign.A Machiavellian image clings to the ambitious Midwesterner, dating back to her years in the political spotlight as a tandem with Bill.

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And yet, as the 2016 primary race draws to a close, Clinton stands at the threshold of the White House, set to make history as the first woman to carry the colors of a major US political party in the presidential race.From Chicago to Arkansas Hillary Diane Rodham was born October 26, 1947 and raised in a middle-class household in Chicago suburb Park Ridge.She adored her mother Dorothy but described her father Hugh Rodham, born from Welsh immigrants, as a stubborn and rigid taskmaster.He imposed his work ethic on young Hillary, but also his frugality.She still puts uneaten olives back in the jar and is loath to waste anything, she wrote in her 2003 autobiography, "Living History."Clinton shared her father's Republican convictions in adolescence, as well as his thunderous laugh.The family is Methodist, and to this day Hillary remains in the church.

Since her school days, she chased success, earning honors and accolades that could fill a bookcase.

From age 13, she took odd jobs to help finance her studies.

Smart and ambitious, Hillary was admitted in 1965 to Wellesley, an elite women's college near Harvard where she was eventually elected president of her class.

It was the social tumult of the sixties, and Clinton's eyes were opened to the struggle for civil rights, the explosive debate over Vietnam and the fight for gender equality.

When she was accepted in 1969 at prestigious Yale Law School, she met Bill Clinton, the "Viking" from Arkansas who would change the course of her life.

After working for the Children's Defense Fund, and a period in Washington in 1974 on the commission investigating the Watergate scandal, she gave in and joined Bill in Arkansas.

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