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Horney aunties - No cost cams

Then she went to her room and come back to my room and gave to me to apply She sat in front of me and asked to apply I take a pinch of balm and start applying on her back she said That she is uncomfortable here if I can come to her room. I moved to her room and she went to kitchen and came back to room after some time.Now 90% of her Sari was out from the petticoat I was enjoying watching her in that position.

As I touched her back My heart starts beating loudly she said to apply on all back. She said that she is feeling better and asked me that there is a pain in legs to if I can seat on that and Apply.

My dick was now at its best I happily accepted and sat on her legs.

Now it was difficult to Control myself but suddenly she said that she is fine now I can sleep but now I was not in a position To sleep as my dick enjoyed touch of her legs.

But unwontedly I stand up and about to move then she said it could be too cold in guestroom you can sleep Here with me in my room as the AC was on.

Hello Friends, I am 26 years old 5'2 feet from Hyderabad with very normal physique.

It was my first time I had sex with my radha (my neighbor lady).

There was no one at her home when she came to my house and asked my mom that no one is in her home it will be better if she sleeps with Her as she feel fears at night time my mother said o.k. At the evening my friends were gone out and wont be coming by night. M radha comes to my house and asked me to help her.

Then she asked me that I feel fear at night because she was all Alone in her kothi and insisted me if I can sleep in her house. M I went to her house she was wearing black sari in her black sari she looks dam sexy to me.

As per my experience I have seen her every time full in anger and generally she talk less I asked her that I have to do some work on my computer So I can not sleep but then she requests me again then I said o.k. But because of her behavior every time I stop myself to say anything to her and asked her About my bed she said you could sleep in guestroom.

Today I felt that she was talking to me in very good Manner and I gone to guestroom and lay down to sleep on bed.

It was about 10.45 when she came to my room and asked me that there is a severe pain in her back as I deal in medicine I asked her if she is having some medicine I could gave her some painkiller but she said That I don’t have any medicine.

She said that she is having some pain balm and asked me if I can apply That in her back I said o.k.

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