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Indain krischan sex vidio

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Although the stories are fun to read, they definitely make me question what was significant enough about these stories of "misfortune" and high expectations to make the New York Times?

While most of America is losing their job, their home and their retirement accounts, the New York Times is highlighting a tiny group of twentysomething ladies who are no longer receiving Louis Vuitton bags, bottle service, Manolo Blahniks and trips to Italy from their boyfriends.

Apparently the public is ready for an escape from reality though, which might explain why these girls already got a book deal.(I can sense you’re grinding your teeth already.) It seems UTA partner and board of director Jay Sures was up at 5 AM reading the article and jumped on the DABA website and emailed that he’d like to rep them.(The fact that these were all good-looking gals didn’t hurt, obviously.) They saw the message and vetted Jay through a mutual friend at Lionsgate.

Next thing they knew, every agency was chasing them: not just UTA but also CAA, Endeavor, ICM (who reps the and was really fighting hard), and WMA.

Now there’s going to be a book, and maybe a movie, and maybe a TV series.

My sister sent me a link to a New York Times article which I found as oddly addicting and bizarre as an issue of US Weekly.“trend” story that captures the momentary zeitgest.

Such is the case with the newspaper-of-record’s recent report on the charter members of “Dating A Banker Anonymous” — a support group and blog founded in November to help women dating or married to men in the banking industry cope with the inevitable relationship fallout from all the lousy financial news and related layoffs.Immediately, an NPR commentater opined on air that the got punk’d.So you won’t be surprised to learn that the “DABA Girls” — Laney Crowell and Megan Petrus — now have signed with United Talent in all areas and will be co-repped in books by Janklow Nesbit out of NYC.The article is called, "It's The Economy, Girlfriend." The article highlights a group of twentysomething aged women in New York City who started a support group called "Dating a Banker Anonymous" and a blog.The women who started DABA noticed their romantic relationships with investment bankers and traders tanked with the economy.The women said that as the economy went down, the stock market shed points, and jobs were being cut on Wall Street their sex lives, gifts and date nights were cut as well.

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