Intimidating interview techniques

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Intimidating interview techniques - Online nude chats

This is bound to have an effect on your own body language which will become more defensive. Try to slow everything down, your breath, the speed of your talking, and your gestures to help you appear calm Take your time: The interviewer may be deliberately confusing you and hurrying you for an answer.Buy yourself more thinking time by repeating the question back to make sure you’ve understood it e.g.

” Distraction: You may be able to deflect some of the pressure by physically moving from the “hot seat”.

Find an excuse to move around, use the flip chart, stand up to pour a drink, walk around while you are thinking of an answer Be Assertive: If the comments get too personal then it’s important to show your assertiveness rather than being a wimp e.g.

“I think I can do a really good job for you, however, if you don’t, then we may need to agree to disagree”.

If you feel that the interview is unworkable, then remember you are perfectly entitled to leave and bring the interview to a close at any time End Positively: Show your resilience by managing an upbeat ending e.g.

It’s not only the candidates in The Apprentice for whom the interview can be an excruciating experience.

The aggressive interview tactics of the type employed by Alan Sugar’s henchmen are far from unusual.

Nor are they confined only to the psychopathic bully whose path you may have had the misfortune to cross.

Where a job involves handling pressure, conflict or dealing with difficult people, then the “stress interview” can be a very immediate way of checking if the candidate is likely to cope in the job.

It enables the employer to see their conflict management skills at first-hand by employing tactics such as: • Intimidation to make you feel uncomfortable • Confusing questions • Interrupting or talking over you • Making negative personal comments Preparation: It is easy to intimidate someone who has not done their homework , so make sure you have thoroughly researched the company, product, competitors etc.

Think through the reasons why they should hire you with examples of relevant skills and achievements.

Always practice your answers out loud so you can express this clearly and confidently on the day Depersonalise: The interviewer is trying to see if you will stay calm under pressure or “lose it”.

So treat this is as a game, where you win if you can retain your self-control despite provocation and dirty tactics from your opponent Body Language: The interview may use poor eye-contact, fidgeting, arms folded etc are.

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