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While we fully expect these designs to satisfy a large audience, rest assured that Intimidation Clothing will be releasing new designs in the weeks and months directly following our launch.As an Ohio-based clothing company, Intimidation Clothing employs U.

During our expansion, Intimidation Clothing is excited to broaden our catalog with the addition of MMA-themed hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, shorts, hats and much more.With the launch of Intimidation Clothing, DFN Sports looks to expand its reach to a broader market while catering to our already-loyal fan base.The owners of DFN Sports, one of the most expansive online sports networks is proud to announce the launch of Intimidation Clothing, a new MMA apparel & clothing company designed for the fans, by the fans.While there are a host of other apparel companies targeting the surging market of diehard MMA fans, DFN Sports hopes to stand apart with Intimidation Clothing.Get bigger, stronger, faster, and leaner all at the same time.Don’t fall for the DAA hype; use only the most pure and effective NMDA receptor activator on the planet…INTIMIDATE!

An Air New Zealand spokeswoman told Fairfax Media the company was ''not in a position to provide comment on individual customers'' but the airline could refuse to carry passengers wearing gang patches or insignia.

Be sure to check out Intimidation today to get our three MMA shirt launch designs at great low prices.

The designs available include an official Pro Logo T-Shirt, a black Intimidation Authority T-Shirt, and a white Intimidate U T-Shirt.

Sport the black Authority T-Shirt, which comes complete with a fierce triple skull art piece on the front, or back off a bit on the intensity with a white Intimidate U T-Shirt, in the style of a college university T-Shirt.

Visit Pro today and be sure to commemorate the launch of Intimidation Clothing with the purchase of one of our three exclusive launch designs., sometimes referred to as Intimidation Fight Gear and Intimidation Fight Wear, but always known simply as Intimidation, about our t-shirts, hoodies, MMA shorts, hats, beanies, fight shorts & more.

Read about all of our fight gear and clothing options below and click through to Intimidation, our e-commerce site, to buy premium quality, authentic Intimidation branded apparel & fight gear online.