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NVIDIA Android Works is now also included to make it easy to get up and running on your device.UE4 now ships with a Flurry analytics plugin for i OS out of the box, too!

Dynamic modulated character shadows from directional lights are now supported on mobile devices!This revision fixes several major Gear VR rendering bugs and issues present in the 0.5.0 release, as well as some hardware compatibility issues.Motion Controllers are now supported through a common abstraction layer in UE4!This means that motion controller devices will now all be available through a common interface.This release brings hundreds of updates for Unreal Engine 4, including 129 improvements submitted by the community of Unreal Engine developers on Git Hub!Thanks to all of these contributors to Unreal Engine 4.9: Andrew Zhilin (zoon), Artem V.

Navrotskiy (bozaro), Artyom Sovetnikov, Ben Rog-Wilhelm(zorbathut), Ben Wiklund (bwiklund), Black Phoenix (Pheonix Black), Błażej Szczygieł (zaps166), Brad Grantham (bradgrantham), Brent Scriver (Fine Red Mist), Cengiz Terzibas (yaakuro), chipgw, Christian Radich (yoyohobo665), Christopher P.

Yarger (cpyarger), Clay Chai (chaiyuntian), Cliff Jolly (Expired Popsicle), Dave Newson (dave-newson), Derek van Vliet (derekvanvliet), Dorgon Chang (dorgonman), ewirch, Felix Laurie von Massenbach (erbridge), Gabriel Hare (Gabriel Hare), gatools, Hakki Ozturk (ozturkhakki), Huey Park, Jared Therriault, Jason Spangler (Stormwind99), Javier Osset (Xaklse), Jeff Rous (Jeff Rous), John Alcatraz, Kitatus Studios (Kitatus Studios), Konstantin Nosov (gildor2), korypostma, Lee Berger (Mr Crowbar), Maarten Scholl (maartenscholl), Marat Radchenko (slonopotamus), marynate, Matthias Huerbe (Matze OGH), Maxim (maxpestun), Michael Allar (Allar), Michael3DX, Mini Turtle, Moritz Wundke (moritz-wundke), Nako Sung (nakosung), Nari Demura (demuyan), Nastenko Michael (de M-on), Nathan Stocks (Clean Cut), Niels Huylebroeck (red15), Pablo Zurita (pzurita), Patrick Flanagan (valtrain), Pedja Ljubomirovic (3dluvr), Philipp Smorygo (fsmorygo), Pierdek, Piotr Bąk (Pierdek), Quadtree, Rajko Stojadinovik (rajkosto), Rama (Ever New Joy), Rem (rveilleux), rlefebvre, Robert Khalikov (nbjk667), Russ Treadwell (trdwll), Salamanderrake, Sebastian Witkowski (witkowski-seb), Sébastien Rombauts (Srombauts), Simon Taylor (simontaylor81), Stephen Whittle (stephenwhittle), szyszq, TK-Master, Tobias Mollstam (mollstam), Tomasz Sterna (smokku), user37337, Victor Xie (FTPiano), Vladimir Ivanov (Ar Corvus), Will Stahl (merlin91), yamashi, Zhi Kang Shao (zkshao) We've been working to greatly improve support for mobile platforms, and this release contains many exciting rendering features to help you create leading-edge mobile titles.

New additions include efficient dynamic shadows, movable lights and decals.

Expect to see continued improvements to mobile and HTML5 rendering quality in the future.

In this release, i OS In-App Purchase functionality has been improved, and we've added Remote Push Notifications and support for Cloud Kit.

For Android, we've added Open GL ES 3.1, Immersive Mode support, asynchronous audio decompression, and better orientation features.

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