Invalidating package

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The body of a package also depends on its specification.

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You might want to recompile a package body after modifying it.

Recompiling a package body does not invalidate objects that depend upon the package specification.

When you recompile a package body, the database first recompiles the objects on which the body depends, if any of those objects are invalid.

If the database recompiles the body successfully, then the body becomes valid.

statement explicitly recompiles a package specification, body, or both.

Explicit recompilation eliminates the need for implicit run-time recompilation and prevents associated run-time compilation errors and performance overhead.

Because all objects in a package are stored as a unit, the Note: This statement does not change the declaration or definition of an existing package.To redeclare or redefine a package, use the CREATE PACKAGE Statement, or the CREATE PACKAGE BODY Statement with the keyword is required.During recompilation, the database drops all persistent compiler switch settings, retrieves them again from the session, and stores them at the end of compilation. If recompiling the package results in compilation errors, then the database returns an error and the body remains invalid.You can see the associated compiler error messages with the SQL*Plus command to recompile only the package specification, regardless of whether it is invalid.You might want to recompile a package specification to check for compilation errors after modifying the specification.When you recompile a package specification, the database invalidates any local objects that depend on the specification, such as procedures that call procedures or functions in the package.

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