Is vicki gunvalson still dating brooks ayers

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Is vicki gunvalson still dating brooks ayers - aj hawk dating brady quinn sister

Did y’all know that Brooks Ayers faked cancer on Real Housewives of Orange County? Tonight we are going to hear Vicki Gunvalson try to explain her way out of this.

Andy starts with the statement put out on November 10th by City of Hope stating they had never treated Brooks. She now says that Brooks called her from City of Hope and said he should be done in about an hour. Before he released the statement admitting he has cancer he sent Vicki and email saying he is releasing a statement the next say and “she will be exonerated.When she got to the hospital she called him to ask where to go within the building. ” After he admitted to forging the documents Vicki said her reaction was that she hates him and she hates what he did to her.Wouldn’t you find this out in the initial phone call? One is a text or email from Brooks saying that just because he doesn’t trust her with his medical records doesn’t make it right to accuse me of not having cancer. Vicki claims that Brooks still claims he had treatment at City of Hope even after admitting he faked the documents and the medical facility denied ever treating him.Something like, “I’m on the third floor as the nurse to take you back, or wait in the waiting room? “I turned left down the hall and he was sitting in the waiting room.” Um, why is he in a waiting room? Andy basically asks if Vicki’s desperation to have a man made her vulnerable to be scammed? But at a certain age Vicki, you have to come to the realization that 94.7% of men are way more trouble than they are beneficial.” You know how when a guy has been up to no good and give a very detailed accounting of their whereabouts over a period of several hours? I am not even going to type her long convoluted story. It is a much different story than what she said on the reunion, which was I sat in the waiting room for four hours while he had chemo. Vicki gives examples about all the things Brooks did for her. Buy a vibrator and hire a personal assistant and a maid.Vicki says Brooks was like a wife to her taking care of all her errands and needs. Vicki said that once the woman were confronting her, she and Brooks were fighting every night over her needing an explanation about his cancer treatments.

About Vicki’s statement that she saw Brooks violently ills after his “chemo sessions” she says that she “contacted a couple of people” who said that you can “take eyedrops” and it will make you violently ill.

Actually, there have been many murder trials about people putting Visine in someone’s drink leading to their death.

I believe that they may have changed the formula recently do to the number of incidents in the early 2000s regarding death by Visine.

At any rate, it doesn’t make you vomit or mimic symptoms of chemo illness.

It drops your blood pressure exceedingly low and can cause seizures and coma. Andy talks about Gretchen showing compassion and for the first time we see a bit of (fake? She says that is what she wanted all along was for her friends to be compassionate to her during all of this. She mentions him releasing personal info and then says there is nothing like nude photos of her.

So this is another weird story by Vicki trying to cover up her cover up. I will say men can lose weight quite rapidly in three months if they are so motivated. Her position is she didn’t know that Brooks was faking cancer and she thought her friends could have come from a more compassionate place. Her situation, even if she was totally complicit with the fake cancer storyline does not excuse their behavior. Vicki really wants Donn back but Donn is not interested in a reconciliation. Um, that makes me think there are nude photos of her. But I am not completely convinced that she was convinced he was lying when this was all going on.

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