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Ito hideaki dating - K9chat xxx

I had an affair with Becky and tormented my wife with my betrayal.

People call him "Noble Bachelor" (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi). While his divorce is being processed, his soon-to-be ex-wife kicks him out of the house.He works as the president of a filmmaking company which his father established. "Divorce Warrior" works with his older brother "Noble Bachelor".He possesses a high degree of creativity and carries himself professionally at work. His talent lies in his ability to negotiate and having a keen business sense."Divorce Warrior" is attractive and he's busy dating women. To everyone After watching the broadcast of Kin Suma today, I felt that I had to write and I'm bypassing my agency to write this blog.First of all, the LINE content published by Shukan Bunshun is all true. I couldn't see around me, actually I wasn't thinking about how anyone else would feel. Trampling my wife's feelings and bringing Becky back to my parents' home was also my decision. Then, the comment I made about 'who I should apologise to'.

And when I first send the FAX out to say that Becky and I were friends, that was a lie, it was a romantic relationship. That was not meant for my wife, Becky, the fans and the people concerned.I meant that for the people on the internet who were making cruel remarks. And, why did Becky cease all activities while I did not?Everyday, thoughtless comments like 'Die' and 'Disappear' appeared on Becky's as well as my SNS. But there was nowhere for me to say that, and I was not in a position to even say it. There is no other reason besides there are fans waiting.I could not betray the people who came to listen to the music.It may look like I'm just glossing over the matter, but there's nothing more I wanted than singing what my members and I have created. I was mulling over what I could say when 'Ryouseibai' album came out but there was nothing else for me to do but that.For fans to enjoy themselves, that is the most important, and that thought has not changed.