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Individuals without a photo ID can verify their identity by bringing in two other forms of identification from a variety of options, including utility bills or telephone bills, according to Jane Chisaki, library director at Alameda Free Library.Several options exist for homeless persons who wish to obtain a library card.

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But despite these options, some library users expressed disapproval over the photo ID requirement.

Berkeley resident Michael Yin, 40, felt the policy did not make much sense.

“You wouldn’t require photo ID for voting, so why would you require (it) for a public resource? Berkeley resident Carol Lashof, 59library’s purpose to provide resources to the public — especially to people who might have trouble obtaining a photo ID — was impeded by the requirement.

Nevertheless, several library-goers, such as El Cerrito resident Lisa Wicks, acknowledged the library’s need to balance accessibility and security.

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    The document also describes the roles and responsibilities of key players in the accommodation process, such as managers, functional specialists (e.g., facilities, information technology, human resources/labour relations, occupational safety and health, compensation, legal services, Employee Assistance Program ( When you receive a request for accommodation or perceive a need, your first step is to determine whether the request falls under one or more of the following 11 grounds of discrimination that are prohibited under the The duty to accommodate is most often applied to situations involving disabilities, but it also applies to the other grounds, such as family status.

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