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So, there’s been a lot been going on as far as the band goes and I have literally just been praying so much…

Um, there were a lot of things that happened that I should have stopped or said something about that I didn’t and I needed that time to really collect myself and start writing things down rather than keeping them in and allowing them to just (explode).Um, I guess the announcement is that I will be writing this next He Is We record and I will be singing it and I will be touring it..that’s the way you say it.And I can honestly say that this has made me so much stronger and it's made me fall in complete and total love with you guys, as fans, and I would even say more so friends…you guys have been there for me like some of my friends haven’t been, so I can’t thank you enough for everything that you guys have done.The big thing is, “When and when this happening is and this and that? We being whoever is involved and I don’t know what the plans are for Trevor exactly.In the latest saga in the so-called breakup of He Is We, Rachel Taylor, sporting a new red ‘do, posted a You Tube video on Halloween and reveals that she’s back in He Is We and Trevor Kelly is now gone, concentrating on another project. Battling fatigue and pneumonia, lead singer, Rachel Taylor, sang a shortened show, singing a doctor prescribed five-song set at The Troubadour.Comprised of Rachel and Trevor Kelly, fans flocked to He Is We's wholesome music through word-of-mouth. The Tacoma duo, had already endured the two month trek across the country as they got ready to release their debut album, My Forever that November from Universal Motown and Framework NY.

Their songs, filled with infectious melodies and inspired lyrics made their demo's highly sought after and in 2009, they were named Pure Volume's #1 unsigned band. Earlier that same year, He Is We again had to cancel a few shows in Los Angeles due to emergency health reasons.

And now, as we find out more details about the troubles this band faced, there's news that Rachel is rejoining the band after an August announcement that vocalist Stevie Scott was brought in to replace her.

Rachel intros the video with "The reason things have not been out in the open lately is because there have been a lot of emotions at play.

I have been fighting something I can't, in the end, control.

I've been given an incredible blessing and a civil discussion took place.

Here is what has happened..." Check out the video with the attached transcript of the video below.