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will be following your career from now on, and please come back with a better work! Stop watching the series with your Chilbongie biased glasses, and try to enjoy it. I'm really2 deeply in love with your act.on the good work Oppa!! Disregard all the hate you're receiving because you did an awesome job in Reply 1994. it's not about what you as a viewer wants but what is right for the character ..Trash (Jung Woo) deserved an award for best actor in a tv series..(Reply 1994)his acting touch my heart, makes me smile(giggles) in a romantic situation, and makes me laugh in his flawless act as an unhygienic guy.most of all he is SIMPLY IRRESISTABLE! I was Team Oppa all along, but I never hated Chilbongie when he followed her like a puppy. U suck I dint like your character in reply 1994 you were a jerk and u acted as a brother more than a girlfriend althoug this is a show u didn't deserve nj should of gave her to Chilbong he is way hotter and nicer than you so annoying .i hated it so much as soon as I saw the first five minutes of the last episode I knew it would suck so do didn't even watch it .

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You are a great actor, I really enjoyed this drama and I am happy you ended up with na jung in the ending. Now, I will not be a groupie obsessed fan, like Na Jung or Yoon Jin are in this drama....but, I am a fan....ha!This is the first time I watched you acting and I will definitely be watching more of your dramas. I love the character Trash, we all have a Trash oppa in our life...intelligent, playful, sincere, tender-hearted and seriously funny (a laugh a minute).I am from nfld Canada and I love Korean dramas and movies. May all your dreams come true just as you made Sung Na Jeong's and our wishes come true. I've wondered throughout this drama, who takes care of Trash because he seems to always be taking care of someone in this drama...which is probably the strenght of this character.I wish you every success and happiness in you future. I loved Trash and Na Jung's relationship with each other as friends first and of course and romantic interest...whoever, I have come to the conclusion that Trash does not end up with Na Jung....which is heartbreaking (I'm only up to episode 18!!!! Trash ended up with..it Min Jung the female doctor colleague or is Trash alone...because we all know he did end up with "Puppy" Baro's character.... I love how the writers decided to work in the Answer 1997 characters using you...because, I wondered how you injured your arm and neck and now we all know..was hilarious!!!Actor Jung Woo-sung has admitted he is in a relationship with actress Lee Ji-ah on Sunday.Meeting with fans to celebrate his 38th birthday, Jung said, "I like the fact that we see a lot of things the same way." Before the meeting he posted a short message on his fan club website.

"I've met a new friend for whom I have good feelings.We have just started dating and have enjoyed spending time together since end of the TV drama" -- a reference to SBS' "Athena: Goddess of War" in which they both starred.Rumors about their romance surfaced when amateur pictures of them strolling down the streets of Paris holding hands were published on March 11.Wish to see you in another tv series and wish you more project to love the way you act....it's just that we (your fans) feel sincerity in your drama...your fans in the phillipines!!!!! Jung Woo was awesomesauce in yatblss, he pretty much stole the show remembering how little the material he's given but he's just pure golden in reply 1994 that it really solidified my love for this versatile actor. There's something I love about a good looking actor whose looks aren't conventionally attractive, but still oozes subtle sexuality, gentle strength, spontaneous humor, and still project a unique character.he could be smiling and giggling like a goof but the next second you know you'll be sobbing ugly tears. His role in "Reply 1994" played a major role in keeping me interested.not conventionally good looking tho, but who cares if theres this amazing talent inside of him. No matter what, Jung Woo oppa did a perfect job in Reply 1994. Jung woo oppa.an excellent act you present in Reply 1994.I have decided to have a future husband like trash oppa(not by his behave ofcourse).. Keep doing what you are doing and I hope I'll see you in another drama soon. to Fan, being disappointing in a drama does not give you the right to disrespect an actor ! and CB did get a happy ending so what's up with all the hate?