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Here are some tips and tricks to help you customize your desktop browser.

We talked to developers in Nairobi, Lagos and Johannesburg about progressive web apps (PWAs), what they are and why they have the power to change the African web for the better.The #PWARoad Show gang met with @Shop Konga, an early adopter of progressive web apps XKi Sjh...» Read more Are you wondering where your mobile data plan went?😱 Chances are it wasn’t just your video data usage from You Tube or Netflix.In a study around app usage with Opera Max, we found that 30% of mobile data usage actually happens in the background.The new standard in wireless networks and supporting the future needs of clients 802.11n is certainly not dead and whilst manufacturers are still recommending 802.11n deployments, enterprise IT managers should give some thought to and make plans for the eventual implementation of 802.11ac.This white paper discusses how 802.11ac is being designed to meet the demands of clients in the future, help you understand the technology, what is likely to happen in the transition from 802.11n to ac and how you can get ready to meet these new demands.

Download A holistic view of application performance Enterprise organisations are constantly being asked to do more work with fewer people, as the size and complexity of infrastructure and applications continue to grow unabated.

This guide is intended for companies, organisations, and IT professionals who are looking for a network and application monitoring tool that provides a holistic view of application performance, including performance monitoring, from the end user perspective.

Which means we're making this our priority to ensure you can connect to a superfast network wherever you go – whether driving to work, commuting on the train, or on holiday at the beach.

We're committed to delivering 4G to 95% of the UK land mass by 2020.

Get unlimited home broadband and weekend calls for £1 a month for 18 months (18 month contract), then £10. If you’ve got an EE pay monthly plan we’ll also boost its monthly data allowance by an extra 5GB.

We’d like to share a couple of handy browser settings and tools in Opera for computers you might not have noticed before.

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