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Lucas later makes his affection's known to Hanna when she is in hospital after the car accident, when he sneaks into her room at night and plants a kiss on her forehead thinking she is asleep.When Hanna confronts Lucas about this he says that she deserves a better boyfriend than Sean.

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He also tells Hanna that she is just as mean as Alison was. He later discovers that Mona never gave Hanna the letter that Caleb left for her.Mona tempts Lucas with an offer of transforming him from 'Hermie' to 'Hanna's man' if he keeps the letter a secret from Hanna but Lucas tells Mona that Hanna will never think of him as more than a friend.He seems to have accepted the fact that Hanna is in love with Caleb and drives Caleb back to Rosewood for Hanna's happiness.When Hanna is no longer allowed to see her friends, she decides to help Lucas with the yearbook.- A's helper (exposed) - Trashed Ali's memorial (exposed to The Liars) - Lost Caleb's money in a gamble (exposed) - Was walking alone in the middle of the night around the time "A" made Emily dig up Alison's grave - Burned up a note to his parents - Visited Mona at Radley Sanitarium - Being blackmailed into working for Mona (exposed) - Set fire to the school's shed (exposed to Hanna) - Gave Emily the massage (exposed) - Went to Noel's Halloween party dressed as Zombie Baby Doll Stalker Lucas Gottesman was often taunted and bullied at school.He found friends in Hanna Marin and Caleb Rivers, which made him a target of "A." He had a crush on Hanna, but she was oblivious to the fact.

He was blackmailed into helping The A-Team by Mona, and he helped them between Season 2 and Season 3.

He was homeschooled, because he didn't feel safe at Rosewood High, when Mona returned.

However, he has since returned to Rosewood High School as revealed in "Thrown From The Ride." Lucas is portrayed by Brendan Robinson.

Lucas has had a crush on Hanna since the beginning of junior year even though she was dating Sean Ackard then.

Hanna befriends Lucas after a 'Real Love Waits' meeting.

He also came to the Homecoming dance to vote for her and take pictures of her as the Homecoming Queen.