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There's nothing much more to say about Shakira's video for "Can't Remember to Forget You" that hasn't already been said, considering 9 million people watched it already (or maybe it's 4.5 million people who just had to see it twice). This time, she channels her inner Lady Godiva in a steamy lagoon.—Shakira gives bootylicious Beyonce a run for her money.—Rihanna makes her slo-mo entrance!

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OK, we guess we'll stick around.—Before we could stop to wonder why there's a bed blocking the stairwell, Shakira decides to spend the next 20 seconds in a shoulder-baring see-through number, giving come-hither stares.—Oh snap, the birds on the wallpaper come to life!

Yes, we just said that.—Shakira and Rihanna slam walls, and do some hair-ography.—Aaaaaand Rihanna starts twerking the wall.

(Sorry, Miley, we've already forgotten about the VMAs.)-—Rihanna and Shakira mirror each other's moves.

And by moves we mean hip-gyrating up against the wall. We haven't seen this much head-banging since the 80s.—RIHANNA AND SHAKIRA, IN BED TOGETHER.

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