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Berlin eats about 10.5 pounds of fish (herring, capelin and trout) and 2 pounds of polar bear chow daily (can include dog food). She receives other food like fruits and vegetables as treats and rewards in her training.

Berlin’s diet, like other female polar bears, fluctuates seasonally. The pool in the exhibit is kept at 65 degrees year round.

Berlin’s dens or bedrooms are also kept at the same temperature. Plants on the green roof provide insulation for the building and help the environment by increasing oxygen output.

No, the glass around the exhibit is 2 ½ inches thick and the walls are 17 feet high.

Berlin cannot break the glass nor climb out of the exhibit. She floated away when flash floods swamped her zoo in 2012. What you are seeing is an awesome Arctic adventure area, which is nearly 10,000 square feet and customized for polar bear living. Berlin was born shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, which is how she got her name.

It includes a 140,000-gallon pool and a 105-ton sand box complete with grassy and diving areas. Since 2012, Berlin has lived at the Kansas City Zoo, which is the fourth zoo that she’s called home. Through her mother, she is descended from the Omaha zoo’s famous polar bears, Olga and Olaf.