Matching sorting online dating markets

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Matching sorting online dating markets - dating handicapped girl

In this chapter we describe the operation of the job market for Ph D economists and an effort to improve the market’s operation via the creation of the non-profit organization Econ Job (EJM), an online intermediary that serves as an “information clearinghouse ” to facilitate the exchange of information between applicants, recommenders, and recruiters.

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Contrary to conventional wisdom in industrial organization theory, we show that unrestricted entry and competition of intermediaries can result in suboptimal outcomes.

We discuss conditions under which the market might be improved if there is sufficient coordination to promote information sharing, such as establishing a dominant information clearinghouse that operates as a non-profit public service — a role EJM is trying to fulfill.

We also consider the benefits and impediments to establishing more ambitious centralized job matching mechanisms, including guided search or price-based alternatives to the current system.

Love and other emotional rents play an important role for marriage decisions.

A mutually happy marriage often ends a long series of emotionally disappointing matches.

This paper analyses the role of “speed daters”, that is, individuals who are matched more frequently with new possible marriage partners.

Speed daters change the equilibrium in a marriage matching model.

Speed daters reject quite good matches, leading to a high rate of rejections and failed matches. This imposes a welfare loss on other individuals who meet new candidates less frequently.

Hence, finding out that the next matched partner is a speed dater is actually bad news for an unmarried person.

A growing number of papers theoretically study the effects of introducing a preference signaling mechanism.

However, the empirical literature has had difficulty proving a basic tenet, namely that an agent has more success when the agent uses a signal.

This paper provides evidence based on a field experiment in an online dating market.

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