Matt cardle dannii minogue dating

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Matt cardle dannii minogue dating

Matt first met Mel let summer when they both played the Isle of Wight festival, and then bumped into each other a few times after that before eventually coming together for work."I’ve always been a fan of her voice," said Matt."Northern Star - her first solo record - was amazing.

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However, despite being so busy with promoting his new record and moving into a new home in West London, Matt has managed to catch a little bit of this year's X Factor."I caught up on the results show from the first week," he explained."I've only just bought a place and I'm sorting it all out, but I did see some good acts on there though."Unfortunately, Matt doesn't think that he'll be invited back onto one of the live shows to perform his new single, despite the show catapulting him to success."I don’t think there’s any chance in hell that they would ask me, but yeah of course I would if they did," he added.Despite being part-signed to Simon’s label after winning the X Factor in 2010, Matt told me: “I saw Simon at the National TV Awards in January and that was the only time I saw him while I was signed.“I also got a text around Christmas but never met him over the album or got direct feedback about it from him.Speaking exclusively to uk, the 30-year-old star commented on Cowell's unborn child - who is expecting with US socialite Lauren Silverman.“He seems happy so I hope the baby’s happy and healthy, and I’m sure he’ll be a great Dad," Matt said of the good news."And I’m sure the baby will be well looked after."Matt, of course, met Simon during his time on the X Factor back in 2010 - but it's his mentor Dannii Minogue who he has actually stayed in contact with."Learning a lot from the last two albums, I’ve come a long way in the studio as well as behind the mic.

I’m pushing everything a lot harder than I have done previously, vocally and instrumentally as well."'Porcelain' is definitely a reflection of how Matt's current personal life, and says it differs hugely from 'The Fire.'"It’s all personal experience and my own feelings about situations," he admitted of the new songs.

"When things happen to you in your love life and you think about it, and if you write songs then that is the ultimate way of documenting it and putting those feelings down and trying to get it all out."The Fire was a heartbreak album, and you can tell listening to it, it’s quite melancholy throughout. Wounds have been licked, it’s much more positive sounding overall.""Dannii is amazing," explained Matt.

"We stay in touch, I love that woman to bits - she’s been right on my side."Since winning the ITV1 show almost three years, the Hampshire-born star has released two successful albums, and is now preparing for the release of his third record, which is entitled 'Porcelain.

Matt is clearly looking forward to the release and seeing how fans react to his new material."I’m very excited," he said. We started after the tour for 'The Fire' and went straight over to LA and stayed there for a while.

I then obviously came back to the UK to get writing and it’s been a great process.

Of course, fans are aware that Matt collaborated with former Spice Girl Melanie C for one of the songs 'Loving You,' which reached number 14 in the UK charts.