Meave leakey fossil million years dating

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Release 30 ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS Crash Land During The DINOSAUR ERA of Earth's Distant Past! Sedimentary rock formations and the fact that the object was EMBEDDED INTO THE ROCK were used to estimate the age of the ALIEN CRAFT. The craft was transported to the State of XXXXX and then to the giant XXXXX lab complex in XXXXX and opened.

LIKE A FIERY BOLT OF AN INCOMING KILLER ASTEROID FROM OUT-OF-THE-BLUE! The site subsequently was examined by a USAF Recovery Team, which then put the age of the ALIEN CRAFT at approximately 150 million years ago [150 MYA].

The object was believed to be an ALIEN SPACECRAFT that had crashed approximately 200 million years ago [200 MYA] according to the archaeological team.

A XXXXX archaeological team uncovered a large metallic object in a remote area of southern XXXXX which is a close NATO ally of ours.

VICTOR: "Operation XXXXX XXXXX": A highly classified, sensitive operation with far-reaching national security implications that took place in 1968.

The ALIEN CRAFT contained two (2) highly decomposed ALIEN BODIES and DECAYED ANIMALS, which were apparently abducted by these ALIEN BEINGS.

The animals were small DINOSAURS on board the ALIEN CRAFT.

The craft was stored at XXXXX and years of intense research were conducted.

The last time I checked, the research team ruled OUT the craft being of Eben origin. The ALIEN BODIES were far too decomposed to be thoroughly examined.

They were about 5 feet tall and had very large, bulbous heads.

To the best of my knowledge, "Operation XXXXX XXXXX" is still an ongoing project.

I personally worked on the operation in the early '70s.

The instruments from the craft were interesting because they were made of small crystal-like devices, wired together with a form of very fine wire.

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