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Show me how because of his influence, the United States government took him down, destroyed his businesses, stripped him of his communications empire, humiliated him, etc.

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If you have never heard it, look for it online, if you call yourself a "funkateer" (or desire to be one) it is "required listening! LOL.) This movie in fact it marginalizes James Brown's musical accomplishments. The movie says that James Brown influenced many artists - Hell, why not show me which ones.Show me how James Brown's music/style influenced George Clinton, Miles Davis, Public Enemy, Sly Stone, AWB, MC Hammer, Michael Jackson, Prince, etc.This movie however failed to show or tell me about even one single artist who James Brown influenced (If you're not going to cover those 3 topics, why even bother to make the movie?) There are lots of other things that I would consider important (ex: no mention of Henry Stone's career long involvement with James Brown, no mention of Mr.History Lesson - Vernon Reid In Africa, music is not an art form as much as it is a means of communication. Quite often, the words of the song are meaningless. I had planned to go and see this movie, despite the promise I made to "Mrs.A Negro has got no name We are wearing the name of our master I saw this movie, during the first week of its release. Earthjuice," given the amount of money we spend in the Davis household each month for various Satellite TV services, therefore making it fiscally irresponsible to "go to the movies," yall convinced me that I should go see it. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to tell you to save your hard earned money.

First let me state for the record that I thought Chadwick Boseman is best damn James Brown imitator I have ever seen (and I have seen a LOT of them!) He should win as many acting awards as the white man (and the "knee-gro elite") wants to give him. Someone should probably build a one man play on Broadway around this talented brotha.However his great performance is wasted, next to the disgrace that this movie is to the legacy of James Brown.Everyone here should go to the link below to the article called "THE WHITEWASHING OF JAMES BROWN ( After reading that article and also seeing the movie, the movie leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.James Brown isn't really "whitewashed" in the movie, but he is marginalized, because the power of his truth is not told! King & Barrack Obama, James Brown was the most influential Black American of the past 50 years - Tell the story of how James Brown was the most influential Black man in the country, after the death of Dr.(It's difficult for me to recommend a movie that MISSES THE WHOLE POINT about James Brown) The story, while it deals with many of the known facts about the life of James Brown, really misses the three main reasons why I would want to see a movie about James Brown. King, completely against all possible odds, especially with the "knee-gro elite" hating him so much, because he spoke directly to the folks that the "knee-gro elite" had their feet on the neck of.

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