Msnbc news gadget not updating

15-Jan-2015 04:00 by 7 Comments

Msnbc news gadget not updating - outlook 2016 inbox not auto updating

The same thing happened about 3-4 months ago with the MS Currency Gadget.

I can upload the .gadget file here in a if you like the look of it.Yup, the same thing happened to me at my work desktop and home desktop/laptop (both).I figured since the gadget (like Exidor said) is a security risk, Microsoft probably turned the service off.It's interesting that my calendar and clock gadgets still works, though .Description: The weather gadget on your Windows 7 assists you in weather predictions that can enable you to avoid situations where you are caught unaware by nature.This gadget will tell you when and where it will rain, snow or it'll be cloudy and this may come in handy when it comes to wearing the appropriate clothing's, going out, travelling among many other activities that you might need to participate in.

This gadget comes with basic weather symbols that are easily understandable.

Hi , the weather gadget doesn't update anymore , i tried deleting the file in the %localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows Live\Services\Cache\weather and in the %localappdata%\microsoft\Windows Sidebar folder but it still won't update.

I was reading that the gadgets were discontinued but would they still update ?

Thanks The MS Weather Gadget does not work on my Win 7x64 system either.

The source url for the weather info may have changed.

Consequently the gadget "Cannot connect to service".