My computer keeps updating shut down

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My computer keeps updating shut down - dating woman on

I have since fixed the problem, but felt I owed it to the community to come back and report. I first updated all drivers of course, USB drivers, Network Adapter drivers, Video drivers, basically everything. I ran CCleaner, and did every test it had, including a registry clean. I suspected my network adapter was the culprut, so I disabled it, and installed a wireless net work device. In one of these threads I came across the Event Viewer.

This error log is frustrating because it lists every warning and error that is produced, and often they are not very descriptive. Finally one night I came home from work, and my house was cool, and I had to turn up the furnace.But before my house heated up, my computer was running great. Once the house gained a certain temperature, the system shutdown started again.Clearly I was hunting for a temperature issue, but all fans seemed to be working normally. It is two cards that run in tandem, hooked up with a crossover cable.I downloaded a program that monitors the temperature of the CPU. I was pretty bummed out because I thought I was on the right track. I inspected the cards, and noticed one was VERY hot.My PC keeps shutting down randomly When it shuts down it doesn't just shut down like the power has been unplugged, it turns off as though i have pressed shut down Specs: AMD Athlon II 640 4gb RAM (2x2gb) ATI Radeon HD 4830 512mb powered by Corsair CX430 (modular) It has worked fine for 5 months. Thanks in advance Do you by any chance have a PS/2 mouse (Non-USB)?Well, if you do try replace it with a USB one to see if stat works.

Check that first, then check for other problems like RAM problems, viruses.To check for RAM, use Mem Test, and obviously run a virus scan for viruses.Give that a go Do you by any chance have a PS/2 mouse (Non-USB)?Give that a go Hi I am having this problem, I have just installed win 7 and it keeps powering off without warning. I have a ps/2 keyboard, can you explain why this shuts down the computer?I can't seem to find much information about this issue elsewhere. thanks Do you by any chance have a PS/2 mouse (Non-USB)?I can't seem to find much information about this issue elsewhere. thanks WINDOWS 7, Quad Core, dual monitor So while I was trying to find the answer to my black screen reboot without errors, I came across this thread.

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