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When Callie's relationships with women cause her to be cut off from her family, it takes it's toll on her relationship with Arizona who can't see why Callie is pulling away.

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When Callie's father returns and continues to reject his daughter's sexuality, Arizona convinces him to reconsider by telling him of her own families acceptance of her sexuality because she was still who they raised her to be.Callie and her father reconsile, pushing Arizona closer to Callie.She is challenged professionally by a case in which the parents of a sick child offer the hospital a large donation, and Richard pushes Arizona to make sure the child survives, which he does initially, but later dies.The hospital recieves the grant, with Arizona to thank, and Arizona later tells Callie that she loves her, a feeling which she learns is reciprocated.Arizona is the child of Colonel Daniel Robbins and was raised as an army brat alongside her brother.She moved about a lot and was raised to believe in country and to be "a good man in the storm".

She always knew of her sexuality and had inital concerns about her father's reaction, but he made peace with who she was when she reminded him that she was still who he raised her to be.

She had to experience her brother's death while he was fighting for their country, something which she struggled with greatly and never truly moved on from.

She was Chief Resident during her residency at Johns Hopkins.

Arizona joins the staff of Seattle Grace after the death of their pediatric surgery attending and immediatly begins working with Bailey and introduces her to pediatric medicine.

Arizona soon reveals herself as a lesbian and kisses Callie Torres, making Callie realize that she is interested in her but Callie hesistates to make a move and by the time she decides to persue Arizona she has moved on and is dating other people.

In spite of this Callie asks Arizona out and they begin dating, in spite of Arizona's inital concern that Callie is a "newborn".

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    She was a cast member of the MTV reality television show, The City, a spinoff of The Hills, where she reunited with long-time friend Whitney Port.