No longer lonely dating site

10-Aug-2015 03:02 by 2 Comments

No longer lonely dating site - dating wagner ware

Hey, i just lurk here some times and just wondering if any one ever used it and what people think of it. Things might have changed now though and the site probably has more users. Seems it could be a good site, it has a good concept being for people with MI (or could be a terrible idea ) What do you all think?

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There was nobody local to me or near my age, and found the site didn't have many members.

I recently joined, started receiving some nice messages, then tried to reply only to find that I was unable to reply, because profiles have to be approved by the webmaster (heaven knows how long it takes until a profile gets approved).

Then 24 hours later, the webmaster Jim/James Leftwich sent me an email that my profile has been deleted. The people posting positive reviews for this site, are the nut jobs from this site. The worst part of the site is the chatroom and the people in there, especially the moderators who are bullies. A lot of 40 year olds on here act like 10 year olds.

He couldn't even state the reason why (he filled it with tons of ========= symbol) and I did nothing wrong at all. I have talked with so many caring people in their chat room, that is moderated. Its a god send to have this and not have to try a normal dating site that stigmatizes you.

Your missing out if you don't give it a try, its great talking with others who understand mental illness. Most of the users, a good 99% of them are psychopaths, including the owner!

A lot of these psychopaths have multiple accounts to trick new users.

The chat room or what should be called the psychopath room MUST be avoided!

I don't use the site anymore but when I did, I noticed when a new member joined, they would only stay on the site for perhaps a week and not come back.

The worst users come from Washington state and the UK.

If you want to feel worse than you already do, than by all means join this site BUT if you want to feel better, than don't even bother joining. Throw in a lot of mental illness, and you can really have some interesting days...

I think all chat sites have some element of trolls, scammers, whiners, and drama queens. The sitemaster could do a bit more babysitting........

That being said, I will say, I have been on the chat site since October of 15, and have really enjoyed this site more than any other I have been on.