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So, I recently found my way onto a nation-wide moms board, where right on the front page you can choose your geographical area to connect with local moms. Sure, I can’t go to most playdates, lunch dates, etc.

But I can get to know some women in my area, since all my friends are military and leaving me.

Maybe I can hang out with them sometime, maybe even make a friend or two.

For the first couple of months I was on the site, I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of drama.

No cattiness like you find on some women’s forums; no judging; no snipping at each other. Especially since I left my first moms’ group in my area under less than ideal circumstances.

Here, at the new one, I thought I’d found kindred spirits, women who discussed mothering, womanhood, and current events not necessarily with eloquent speech, but at least with what appeared to be open minds. Someone commented about “lurkers”, an ever-present danger on any internet forum, but especially troubling if you’re giving away even the tiniest details of your life, your location, your kids.

People that are just quietly observing everything you send out into cyberspace.

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