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Online dating infographic - saxophone dating

In 2007, 900 million USD poured into dating sites while in 2012; the amount was 1.9 billion USD.The population of people using a dating site in the two years jumped from 20 million to 40 million.

52.4% of this population is male with 47.6% women also being hooked to online dating.However, online dating is not superficial with 17% of couples who met online are now being married, and 1 in every 5 singles is in a committed relationship through online dating.Hookups and First Dates: While 47% men and 40% women in the world have engaged in a one night stand, 3 million first dates happen every day across the world.Dating is a big business with 18million USD being the annual income for flowers.Dating facts are extremely relevant and interesting sociologically; giving an idea of how online dating has taken over the rules and codes on normal dating.Dating infographics point to this development in a unique way.

Online Romance and Its Development: The development of online romance has come a long way, with millions of users today logged on and finding love online.From 1965’s Project TACT to chat rooms and instant messaging in 1994, 37% of single internet users were dating online in the year 2005, and dating sites collected over I billion USD in 2010 alone.Politics and Romance: It may seem like a strange combination, but politics and romance have been intermingled for quite some time.Out of a scale of ten which determines the compatibility of a couple, political ideas rank an important 6.44% Americans use online dating sites and interestingly, the same percentage population is also single.Business of Love: Love can be quite a tricky business with 81% people lying in their dating profiles about their age or physical characteristics.

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