Osl luminescence dating

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Osl luminescence dating - Sex onzim

Scientists rely on symbolically specific proxies, such as artistic expression, to document the origins of complex cognition.

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The origins of composite tools and advanced projectile weapons figure prominently in modern human evolution research, and the latter have been argued to have been in the exclusive possession of modern humans. Here we describe a previously unrecognized advanced stone tool technology from Pinnacle Point Site 5–6 on the south coast of South Africa, originating approximately 71,000 years ago. This technology is dominated by the production of small bladelets (microliths) primarily from heat-treated stone. There is agreement that microlithic technology was used to create composite tool components as part of advanced projectile weapons K. conducted the GIS analysis and photomosaic construction; C. is the project director and an excavation permit co-holder; S.

contributed to the lithic analysis and conducted the morphometric analysis; Z.

studied the sedimentology and geology of the site; T. is an excavation permit co-holder and contributes to palaeoenvironmental studies; and J.

The authors speculate that weapons made using such bladelets may have been pivotal to the success of modern humans as they left Africa and encountered Neanderthals.

The technology provides strong evidence for advanced projectile weapons such as spearthrowers, or even bows and arrows.

The technology is dominated by heat-treated stone 'bladelets' that are thought to have been components of composite tools.

Previously observed signs of such activity have been less definitive, seeming to appear and disappear — perhaps because of poor sampling — but the current work indicates that these tools persisted for some 11,000 years.

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